Train Caper

Follow me as I return to my Montana muse for Haven II. The adventure begins this weekend in the Pacific Northwest with a childhood friend David and his wife, Meg and their son, Dawson in Seattle. From there I’ll ride the rails past the Cascade Mountains to Portland to reconnect with my law school buddy, Matthew, before embarking on an overnight train ride to Whitefish, Montana. Home of #HavenWritingRetreats and Laura Munson our gracious leader and New York Times Best Selling author.

Shout out to another law school pal, Jill, for encouraging me to attend Haven! Thank you for reminding me not to question when the Universe sends me messages ❤

Talk about timing. I began planning this trip two months back, but the timing could not be better for me to go now, soul-wise. I’ve endured a tsunami of emotions, and my workload has been intense since my return from Haven last September, such that many days I had to write before I could breathe.

A dear friend suggested I use my trip to recenter myself. He’s right.

This time around, I will miss my Glacier National Park hiking companions, David and Mary, to whom I’m a good sidekick, and my glacier guide chum, LeAndra. Old and new friends await me on my train caper so, stay tuned!

Empire Builder by Amtrak

Amtrak-Empire-Builder winter

I would love your feedback and comments along the way 🙂


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